The Myschievia Series

The Myschievia Series

This sudden influx of screen printing is being fueled by the upcoming event; Myschievia – The North Texas Burn. I went last year completely new to the experience and 4 days of wondering around nude hippie camps got boring after a while. Even on psychedelics, whiskey and weed. Not to mention my feet hurt to the point of having to retire to the tent as to avoid walking altogether.

This year I’m holing up and making a mini camp within camp. Satan’s Screen printing. Guided mostly by Daniel’s knowledge of all things burning, we created a series of designs. After a great struggle, which is still going on, the screens are being burnt one by one. We’re up to 7.

Inspired by Tibetan prayer flags I’ve stitched prints of the camp logo together. Hoping to command some attention and draw people to my table. The plan is to print them onsite to share with the community. Is it slightly ironic, making clothes for nudest?


Started painting Satan for the banner. Turns out he looks just like my boyfiend.