Today marks our third week on the island in Kahului. It took us a couple of weeks to construct this room in the backyard of our guest house. We used left over pieces mostly from on site, in the garage or piled over yonder. Some pieces came from a dismantled deck on the other side of the yard. Other stuff was left over from the construction job.

The only thing needed at Home Depot was tracks for the sliding doors. Dan completed in the installation fairly quickly then spent a few more hours standing in front of the doors sliding each panel back and forth in different combinations.

“This is fun!” he says out loud slightly casting me some attention. It doesn’t last long and again he’s fixated on the doors.

They do work fantastically. All the holes and gaps and such are screened in and the rooms serving well as dwelling. Considering the weather raises and peaks at 66 and 88 there’s no complaints about being outside more or less 100 % of the time. Eventually a shelve or two, some hooks and a bed frame will outfit the inside, but for now our suite cases, a lot of pillows and foam mattress complete the interior.

I bought a tiny stool. Its my desk today as I sit on the foam on the floor attempting to design a Missouri pride logo for a Tshirt campaign. The clouds are beginning to break over the mountains but the rain is still continuing to ripple like someone a just walked through hundreds of beaded curtains.