We arrive on Maui after seven full hours in the air. The plane was packed and miniature. Each roll was three across. When we board, Dan was to have the aisle seat, I the window. But some gentle man was planted in the aisle so he “Could touch his wife.” we were informed.
“But what if I want to touch my wife?” I say, and glance back at Dan who’s just arrived. Then I stand there dumbly and sort of just stare at everyone. Specifically the quiet single girl who is in the window seat. I use this technique quite often on planes and it’s always effective.
“I can move.” she volunteers.
With that situation settled we cram into our seats. The old man falls asleep almost instantly, never once touches his wife and sighs heavily every time we need to exit the row. They play a movie. I disclose some information to Dan, that prompts a 2 hour freeze out, he even put down the arm rest. I continued to read my book, which was getting good.
2500 miles of ocean latter we finally see land.