Visiting the Plantation was sort of an accident.

We thought we’d be attending the Morey Slip N Slide event, but after realizing a Slip N Slide is not a water slide but infact just a lot of blue tarps duct taped together culminating in a pile of queen mattresses still incased in the factory plastic.

After a quick walk through to survey the bouncy castles and ginger lemon aid stands we wonder off and decided to keep our 80 dollars.

The Maui Plantation was pretty awesome. A very well cared for garden of sorts with industrial artwork intertwined with architecture. They used large pieces of rusty farming equipment to build unlikely arbors, entry ways, fire pits and event gathering spaces. The birds mingled at the water pools. Out in the fields further there’s a Zipline course and a dozen or so other pricey locally produced wears and goods.

Which made me want to get ol’Tacowaco going again with some island inspired new screen printed tanks.