Haleakala Sunset 2018

Haleakala Sunset 2018

Haleakala National Park at Sunset

Behold the Haleakala sunset  … 

I over hear this girl gasp at the sunset and say “Now here’s something I haven’t seen before.”

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Maui Mystic Flow Fest

Maui Mystic Flow Fest

My first time helping build a geo dome was surprising enjoyable.  The rain poured most of the “festival” but cleared up just long enough for sunset. We managed to catch Dirtwire’s set under the porch. Fire dancers as always saved the evening.



Tacowaco is getting ready for the Mardi Gras of the Pacific. Halloween in Lahiana. After throwing around some fake ideas and surveying the local thrift and costume shops we decided to make Chupacabra Policia Masks with crap laying around the house. Behold the power of toilet paper and Elmer’s glue.

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